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The art of achieving seamlessly beautiful results the second time around

When inexperienced physicians who are not board certified in plastic surgery attempt the breast augmentation or breast lift procedure, the end result may be breasts that are severely compromised in their shape, size, angle, or general appearance. In these cases, the skill of a surgeon highly experienced in revision procedures will be required to create a result that is flawlessly executed and natural-looking.

Dr. Perry Liu in Beverly Hills is among the most trusted names in revision breast surgery, having completed thousands of successful corrective operations for his patients who struggle with complications from previous cosmetic procedures. He is adept in treating simple cases of capsular contracture, as well as more complex medical issues such as post-radiation breast deformities.

If you are interested in learning more about breast revision surgery, please come in today for your confidential consultation with Dr. Liu and let us help you achieve your aesthetic goals.



Our unique, micro-surgically trained breast specialists perform all types of reconstructive procedures, including fat grafting and the use of flaps seamlessly transferred from the thighs or buttocks. We are here around the clock to support your journey towards total recovery and well being!

Breast surgery with fat grafting

Women who desire breast enhancement without the use of implants will be ideal candidates for the autologous fat transfer procedure, which recreates the breast mounds using unwanted fat from the thighs, hips or abdomen.

Breast reconstruction using a pedicle flap

A pedicle flap is a mound of skin and muscle transferred from either the back or the abdomen to the breast area with its blood supply still intact. The TRAM flap is taken from the belly, while the Latissimus Dorsi flap is taken from the back area.

Breast reconstruction using free flaps

Reconstruction using flaps that only transfer tissue and fat leave the donor area with its muscle tone intact, while achieving an excellent aesthetic result for the breasts. Free flaps can be harvested from the buttocks, abdomen, inner thighs, or outer thighs.

Breast reconstruction using a tissue expander

When the breast reconstruction patient lacks the necessary tissue to successfully camouflage the implant, a tissue expander can be used to stretch the skin and muscle, creating an ideal breast pocket.

Breast reconstruction with implants and Alloderm

Dr. Liu is able to perform reconstruction using either silicone or saline implants, with the support of Alloderm, a bio matrix of collagen that fuses naturally with the breast tissue and acts as scaffolding for the implant.

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