Your breast reconstruction options.


Your breast reconstruction options.


Aesthetic reconstruction

Many surgeons are able to perform specific types of breast reconstruction that passes for a breast, but Dr. Liu of Beverly Hills believes that breast reconstruction involves more than simply making either a mound of tissue or some semblance of a breast where your own breast had been.
He not only strives to achieve a natural and normal looking breast, but also to improve upon what had been there.

The term “aesthetic breast reconstruction” and "oncoplastic breast reconstruction" integrates aesthetic breast rejuvenation into the reconstructive process.

While the decision to pursue breast reconstruction is very personal and individualized, Dr. Liu and his team are ready to offer you the information and resources you need to make the best decision regarding your breast reconstruction options. Together with his assistants, they can safely, quickly, and efficiently perform the latest, most complex and demanding reconstructions available today. Dr. Liu has vast experiences performing all types of breast reconstructions, ranging from simple implant reconstructions to DIEP, SIEA, and SGAP/IGAP autologous reconstructions in his Beverly Hills facility.

Breast cancer reconstruction options

When considering breast cancer reconstruction, there are several important issues to consider:

  • The TIMING of breast reconstruction
  • The TYPE of breast reconstruction
  • The different STAGES of breast reconstruction

1. Breast reconstruction timing

Immediate breast reconstruction can be performed at the time of your breast cancer surgery, or be delayed until you have completely healed from your breast cancer surgery. Single Stage immediate breast reconstruction can be performed at the same time as a mastectomy so that you wake up from your mastectomy surgery with a reconstructed breast.

Your Plastic surgeon and breast surgeon will work together to coordinate this. This collaboration not only decreases the number of surgeries you need, but also produces superior cosmetic results. If you are either not a good candidate for an immediate breast reconstruction or were not offered it at the time of your mastectomy, a delayed breast reconstruction is a good alternative. We will still be able to achieve great results, but the process is more time-consuming. A delayed breast reconstruction is also ideal for women who prefer autologous breast reconstruction but will be receiving radiation after your mastectomy surgery. Alternately, patients who know they will receive post-operative radiation can have an immediate staged breast reconstruction using Alloderm and Tissue expanders. This preserves your native breast skin so that subsequent reconstructive results will turn out better.

2. Breast reconstruction type

Currently, there are many ways of reconstructing the female breast. These can be divided into two main categories:

I. Implant Based Reconstruction
II. Autologous Reconstruction.

Both options also available for immediate single stage breast reconstructions. A consultation with Dr. Liu will help you determine if either of these are options for you.

Implant Reconstruction
Plastic surgeons have modified and improved implant-based reconstruction techniques over time so results are equivalent to those seen with autologous reconstruction. Breast reconstruction following cancer surgery can be accomplished using the same silicone implants that are used for cosmetic breast augmentation procedures… More

Autologus Reconstruction
In autologous breast reconstruction, Dr. Liu uses excess tissue (skin, fat, or muscle) located elsewhere on the body to create a breast. The tissue used is called a “flap” and is usually taken from the abdomen, back, buttocks, or inner thighs. Once the breast is formed, the tissue is stitched into place… More

3. Breast reconstruction stages

The stages required in your breast reconstruction will vary depending on a variety of factors.

To explore your options and the stages required for your particular situation, visit our Procedures page or simple contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Factors to consider:
1. Whether you already had your mastectomy or not
2. Whether you will have post-operative radiation
3. If you consult a plastic surgeon prior to your breast cancer surgery
4. Whether you need tissue expanders prior to placing implants or using your own tissue to reconstruct you breast.

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