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Breast reconstruction surgery is a complex decision process for most women. There are so many questions concerning the timing of the surgery and the type of reconstruction that best suits the individual’s circumstances. One of the first questions that should be answered is whether or not you want to replace your breast(s) following a mastectomy.

Some women are satisfied with using breast fillers and specially-constructed bras. Modern breast forms look and feel natural, even when in close contact with another person. This is a very viable option for women who want to postpone breast reconstruction until they are fully committed to the idea, or for women who have decided not to have breast reconstruction at all. The important thing is that you come to your own decision in your own time.

  • Taking time to make the right decision >

    Dr. Perry Liu in Beverly Hills is a compassionate and highly educated plastic surgeon with multiple areas of expertise concerning breast reconstruction. He is also fortunate to have a highly developed artistic eye that he uses to beautifully recreate the feminine silhouette following a mastectomy or lumpectomy. He has helped a multitude of women to feel whole again through careful planning of their breast cancer reconstruction. Beverly Hills is fortunate to have such a plastic surgeon with advanced training in microsurgery, a unique skill that must be mastered in order to achieve the most complex and demanding reconstruction outcomes.

    Confident breast reconstruction decisions can only be made when patients have all the information they need to make a fully informed choice. Dr. Liu works closely with your oncology surgeon to help you plan the best reconstruction path for your needs. He believes that decisions must not feel rushed but should come naturally and easily within a context of full knowledge of what lies ahead in terms of recovery.

  • Methods of breast reconstruction >

    Once the decision has been made to proceed with breast cancer reconstruction, the precise method of reconstruction will need to be discussed. The method chosen depends on several factors such as ongoing cancer treatment, physical condition of the patient, and timing.
    There are two main methods of breast reconstruction: implant reconstruction or autologous reconstruction.

    Autologous, or flap reconstruction, creates the new breast mound from the patient’s own tissue, while implant reconstruction uses either silicone or saline implants to create the new breast.

  • Autologous breast reconstruction >

    Not all plastic surgeons can perform all breast reconstruction procedures. Autologous reconstruction requires advanced training in a sub field of plastic surgery called microsurgery. Microsurgery is performed under a microscope using very small, specialized instruments designed to reattach or connect blood vessels and nerves, some of which can be less than 1 millimeter in diameter.

    Dr. Liu received advanced training in microsurgery under the world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Fu-Chan Wai, who has been named one of the top 20 innovative plastic surgeons of all time by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. As a result, he is fully equipped to offer the best breast cancer reconstruction surgery Los Angeles can provide.

  • Autologous vs. implant breast reconstruction >

    Autologous breast reconstruction takes longer to accomplish and requires the harvesting of tissue from another part of the body. With the advancement in microsurgery techniques in recent years, this process has become much easier with far fewer complications. Done right, this method of breast reconstruction surgery is permanent, requiring no future maintenance.

    Implant reconstruction requires fewer surgeries and has a more immediate result. Breast implants don’t last a lifetime, however, and at some future point will need to be replaced. However, with modern materials, most implants last for over 15 years.

  • One-stage breast reconstruction >

    In some cases, Dr. Liu can perform a one-stage breast reconstruction immediately following a mastectomy. With this method, a saline or silicone implant is immediately placed, allowing the patient to leave the hospital without the sense of loss that most women face following their surgery. An advantage of this method is that patients won’t need additional treatment time for their reconstruction.

  • Timing your breast cancer reconstruction surgery >

    The timing and method of breast reconstruction will depend on several factors such as ongoing cancer treatment, skin tissue availability and patient preference. Both chemotherapy and radiation therapy will factor into the timing and type of breast reconstruction. Your oncologist and Dr. Liu will formulate the best reconstruction plan available factoring in ongoing treatment needs and your wishes. Most staged methods will require 4 to 6 months, although these times will vary greatly from patient to patient.

  • Staged breast reconstruction >

    If immediate reconstruction isn’t an option, a staged approach will be planned, which can be accomplished in two or three additional sessions. The staged approach involves placing a specialized saline device under the muscle where the future implant or autologous flap tissue will ultimately be placed. This device is much like a balloon with a port that allows the implant size to be gradually increased over time to create both internal space and to encourage the growth of additional skin tissue if needed.

  • Nipple reconstruction >

    Nipple reconstruction will be staged as part of the overall breast reconstruction plan. In cases where there is only one breast involved, the opposite breast will usually need a lift or possibly augmentation to ensure balance is achieved. During these surgeries, nipple reconstruction is performed on the affected breast. In many cases, nipple-paring surgery is possible, and if this is the case, the nipple structure is attached at the time of reconstruction.

Jennifer Smith

It was amazing to me that I had real improvement options for reconstruction. I had always assumed it would be a “patch” type surgery and something I would be want to hide from my husband. Not the case, as Dr. Liu took special care to discuss with me what the realistic outcome would be.

Kaitlin O’hara

Dr. Liu is an amazing surgeon. He is not a rush, rush kind of doctor. He actually spends time working with you before and after surgery. I would recommend any woman considering breast reconstruction to see him when you are first know you need a mastectomy. Read all testimonials


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